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About M-Comp A/S

M-Comp A/S is a Danish design-in distributor and system integrator, focusing on modular electronic components and systems for industry. In all our focus areas we are our customers knowledge partner, providing the latest knowledge to create the best solutions for the customers.


M-Comp A/S provides fast access to technology, knowledge and evaluation platforms for our customers to verify and complete their visions quickly and efficiently, combined with efficient logistics and quality throughout the process from idea to delivery. We advise on design, based on both the market and the product to ensure that the technical and commercial side are closely monitored and linked in our clients projects.


We have created an integration and repair center to support our customers need for easy access to prototyping and repair, as well as serial production up to 100 units per month. M-Comp A/S is ISO9001:2015 certified to ensure precision and quality in all aspects of the cooperation with both suppliers and customers. Together with our partners in Asia, we can handle development, procurement and production. Our company in Korea gives us an effective approach to the Asian time zone, as well as the local languages ​​and cultures, provides innovative opportunities and inspiration for our projects.

M-Comp A/S is a strong partner in development and production of industrial monitors and digital signage solutions for transport, food production and industry. We have developed new solutions for use in busses and ships, as well as new products for the food industry. M-Comp A/S develops robust solutions, that must meet a number of specific qualifications, focusing on optimized pricing structure as well. The projects include solutions developed for a specific application, as well as solutions marketed under M-Comp A/S's own brand. We cover all stages from idea to finished product: project management, procurement, logistics, pre-qualification, certification and production. We handle mechanical design and EMC/ESD. 
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M-Comp A/S focuses on modular solutions, providing a short development time, a more streamlined product qualification, faster production and lower costs. M-Comp A/S is a strong partner in supply of electronic modules and components for wide industrial applications: Display and Embedded products.

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About M-Comp A/S

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