M-Comp A/S seeks the latest knowledge in the market development, the latest technology and new products to ensure, that we have the understanding, insight and products needed to meet customer demand.

We work closely with our main suppliers to ensure we get the knowledge and insight needed to be up front.


In close cooperation with our customers, we prepare the best ideas to solve their challenges. The inventiveness and the latest knowledge we have from our suppliers, provide us a wide range of opportunities to create new solutions. M-Comp A/S find the creative process very important for the final result.


M-Comp A/S has a development team consisting of hardware engineering, software engineering and engineers with special product know-how.

In a close coorporation with customer, development team and suppliers,

we are developing the products, that our customers need based on the idea developed. Due to our extensive experience and knowledge, we are extremely cost-effective and the time to market is short.


M-Comp A/S is ISO9001:2015 certified, which imposes requirements on our internal processes, our supplier evaluation and tests. All products are tested due to requirements before leaving the production facility. M-Comp A/S is certified to do the testing needed in house, and we have partners externally to do the certification tests required for special environment.


M-Comp A/S has ESD secured facilities required for electronic production. We produce prototypes, 0-series and final productions. We ensure high quality throughout the process, which gives us great advantage as we are involved in the process from idea and development to final production.


M-Comp A/S offers our customers electronic solutions combined with efficient logistics. We are very effective on costs, fast logistics, delivery and services. We offer to keep your goods in stock, and ship out when required. You place the order and get the benefits of volume, and we will manage the logistics for you on your demand.

Process: M-Complete

Bring components to life


Kometvej 8D, DK-8700 Horsens

+45 9669 5000

CVR 29220344

We bring components to life by:

Energy: high-energy, intensity, momentum

Competence: knowledge, skills, experience

Innovation: curiosity, creativity, discovery

By these values, we employ, we work, and we perform