ISO 9001:2015

M-Comp A/S are ISO 9001:2015 certified, which imposes requirements on our internal processes, our supplier evaluation and tests. We strictly evaluate suppliers, partners and processes on a regular basis to secure, that we deliver quality in every product and process.

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ITxPT certificated

M-Comp A/S vehiacle HUB is ITxPT certified as the first of its kind in the World. The ITxPT Association was set up by its Founding Members together with UITP, the International Association for Public Transport, following their agreement to further cooperate on the implementation of a working standard for plug-and-play IT-systems applied to public transport. An integrated test-bench offers services to specify, test, qualify and showcase IT solutions.
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Most products from M-Comp A/S are CE marked, and tested up against the demands from the enviroments to which the products are developed.


We have setup an integration and repair center as we see the need for customers to have easy access to prototyping and repair, as well as series production up to hundreds units a month. M-Comp A/S has the ESD secured facilities needed for electronic production. We produce everything from prototypes, 0-series to final production. We ensure high quality throughout the process, and it gives us a great advantage to be involved in the process from the idea and development to the final production.

All products are tested due to requirements before leaving the production facility. M-Comp A/S is certified to do the testing needed in house, and we have the partners externally to do the certification tests required on special environment.

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