Product News

Product News

July 2020

Innodisk meets the needs of the medico business 

The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has put a lot of pressure on health authorities and producers of medical gear all over the World, and the demand for equipment and modules as well as components has skyrocketed. 

Innodisk, a leading manufacturer of DRAM, FLASH and peripheral units of the highest quality, has given assistance and support in the production of ventilators in Kina, Brazil and Europe. 

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June 2020

EDT joins partnership with ST and launches new homepage 

After several years of close cooperation, EDT and ST have entered a partnership under ST’s Partner Program. EDT and ST look forward to the increased collaboration, which will be beneficial for both, and add value to the products from EDT. EDT aims to achieve increased visibility on the market for embedded systems through the partnership with ST, not least by more flexible solutions and reduced development times. 

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June 2020

Industrial grade displays with HDMI from DigiWise

DigiWise has for many years developed and refined their portfolio of displays for industrial use.

M-Comp is a new distributor of displays from DigiWise, and we are introducing their line of HDMI-based products. Employing HDMI enables Plug and Play on nearly all platforms – from RaspBerry Pi to standard and industrial PC’s.

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March 2020

i.M 8M based embedded vehicle box from Axiomtek

Agent336 is a powerful embedded computer intended for the transport industry and has the connections necessary to integrate it into vehicles.

Axiomtek produces several embedded systems for the transport industry, and Agent336 is the newest model, equipped with the powerful NXP i.MX 8M processor (ARM® Cortex® A-53 architecture). The computer should be seen as a total solution for surveillance of car fleets with collection of position, usage and sensor data as well as management like dispatch and recalling of cars, messages for the drivers and so on.

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February 2020

LeveTop - cost-competitive UART control of displays

A new and interesting player on the market for display controllers. LeveTop has created a series of TFT-controllers with integrated MCU and hardware display accelerator, which enables control of TFT displays by UART commands from a small main processor that wouldn’t normally be able to drive a TFT-display.

Instead of having pictures, animations and so on for the user interface stored in the main system, they are placed in an SPI flash and are then called by UART commands sent to the controller when needed.

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February 2020

Industrial 3- and 4G routers from NavigateWorx

When there’s a long way to the nearest Internet connection, a GSM router is an obvious solution. NavigateWorx is a young company specializing in IIoT and M2M. They offer a series of industrial GSM routers equipped with clever features like cloud-based batch management and serial ports. The units have a wide temperature range of -40 to 75 °C and works with as much as 95% RH.

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February 2020

Rugged hardware from Litemax®

The specialists from Litemax® produce screens as well as computers in rugged designs, e.g. a compact 21.5” panel PC with IP68-rating made in extruded aluminum and steel.

IPPS-2118-KBL5-WS is a PC in a passively cooled, fully dust and waterproof design. The screen is optically bonded, and the brightness is 1600 cd/m2, the contrast 900:1. This enables usage in sunlight and at other lit locations. The normal temperature range is 0 – 50 °C, but an extended range of -20 – 50 °C is available. Thus, the machine is usable under tough conditions, e.g. industrial use, on board ships, in outdoor installations, and all other places where light and water must be expected.

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January 2020

Innodisk launches electronic brains in small form factors

One of the hot topics of our time is AI – Artificial Intelligence – and in that connection it

might be worth pulling out the good, old phrase “electronic brain”.

As the tasks that are solved by AI Vision become more and more complex, it takes specialized hardware and well-trimmed algorithms to do the job. When the algorithms work satisfyingly, more speed is usually required. That could be in connection with automated camera surveillance where a lot of people are present and you count passers-by, search for known criminals and keep an eye on assaults and brawls. Perhaps you wish to do it all at once.

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April 2019

News from F&S Elektronik Systeme

New Embedded solutions from F&S Elektronik Systeme GmbH.

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Marts 2019

News from Avalue Technology

Avalue introduces SLP-SKG, an expandable Fanless slot PC based on 6/7th Gen Intel® Core™ SoC i7/i5/i3 & Celeron® Processors.

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20th of September 2018

Avalue debuts highly scalable ARC-series industrial tablet PCs from 10.4” to 15”

Unlike integrated industrial touchscreen computers in the past, Avalue Technology’s modular and

scalable ARC-series tablet computers are rugged and can be upgraded flexibly, gaining widespread

industrial adoption in recent years.

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